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Association Documents

Association Applications

District and State Officer Application

District and State Officer Application Due March 1 to District Specialist

(Please note: if dual application is sought, only one application is allowed per chapter.)
[State and Dual Candidates must submit their State Degree Application with this application if the applicant has not previously received the Alabama FFA State Degree.]

State FFA Degree/American FFA Degree Application

Submit your application by utilizing and each FFA member’s login.

(The State FFA Degree/American FFA Degree application along with the Proficiency Award applications can be automatically generated by students utilizing the record keeping system with Applications will continue to be printed and hard copies mailed to your District Specialist.

100% Membership Application 

Due April 1 to the Executive Secretary. Chapters who are either standard or affiliate membership and wish be recognized at the Alabama FFA State Convention must complete this form.

Application for 100 Percent Membership

Alabama FFA Policy Statements
  1. The Alabama FFA Association is a resource and support organization that does not select, control, supervise or approve local chapter or individual member activities except as expressly provided for in the Alabama FFA Association Constitution.
  2. The Alabama FFA Association discourages private one-on-one counseling between teachers/advisors and students/members.
  3. The Alabama FFA Association discourages teachers/advisors to be alone in sleeping quarters with students/members during overnight trips.
  4. The Alabama FFA Association encourages local chapters/schools to have a policy requiring drivers transporting students be at least 23 years of age and carry personal automobile liability insurance with limits of no less than $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident.
  5. All checks of the Alabama FFA Association will be countersigned by a second authorized signer on the account.
  6. Bank Statements and reconciliation reports will be reviewed and approved by the Alabama FFA Association Board of Directors.
  7. Any investment/securities activity of the Alabama FFA Association will be handled by a properly licensed, third-party administrator.
  8. The Alabama FFA Association will have an audit or compilation completed annually by a third party.  The audit or compilation will be reviewed and approved by the Alabama FFA Association Board of Directors.

Teacher Resources

Ag Teacher Openings

Teach Ag Alabama
Information regarding teaching agriscience education in Alabama

Teach in Alabama (Alabama Department of Education)
Teach in Alabama web service serves as a gateway to job openings in every school district in Alabama. View Alabama Department of Education’s website for school job openings.

Agriscience Teacher Certification

A majority of Alabama’s agriscience teachers came through a traditional route by receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriscience Education from a state institution and therefore receiving a certificate to teach agriscience education in the state.  There are alternate routes for individuals to become agriscience teachers today.  All routes have some similarities.  Passing the Praxis II in Agriculture is one of those. For more information on the Praxis II, click here.

Alternative Master’s Degree (Auburn University):

Students graduating with an agriculture-related bachelor’s degree may wish to enroll in the Alternative Master’s Degree Program with the College of Education.  Students have to enroll in graduate school, complete coursework and an internship to be awarded a Master’s Degree in Agriscience Education with a teaching certificate.  For more information click here.

Alternative Certification:

Individuals who hold a degree from an accredited university in an agriculture-related field and who had a GPA of at least 2.5 may be eligible to become an agriscience teacher.  This process is called a Career and Technical Alternative Baccalaureate-Level Certificate (ABC).  For more information on this process, click here.

Additional Teaching Field:

Teachers certified in another area can seek an additional certification in agriscience education after two years of classroom experience by meeting certain criteria.  For more information click here.


An individual who holds a valid professional certificate in a teaching field or area of instructional support that has been issued by another state, a U.S. territory, the District of Columbia, or the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) may meet requirements for Alabama certification if Alabama offers comparable certification in terms of area/grade levels/degree level. For more information click here.

Agriscience Education Print Shop

Agriscience Instructional Materials Order-Form- The Auburn Print Shop is able to print a lot of other items for local chapters such as personalized letterhead, personalized envelopes, personalized stationary, business cards, banquet programs, etc. at a reasonable price. For more information, please contact Kenny Boyd.

Kenny Boyd, Graphic Arts Technician

Virtual Chapter LeadershipTrainings and materials

State Convention

State Convention Career and Trade Show Exhibitor Information
State Convention Partnering Hotels
Courtesy Corp Registration

During the State FFA convention we invite FFA members across the state to serve as courtesy corps members. Courtesy corps members are assigned in various shifts and locations during each session of the State FFA Convention. Duties may involve helping individuals on stage, checking for registration buttons as people enter, working backstage, helping direct people, registration, and/or other tasks that may need to be completed. This is a wonderful experience for FFA members to learn more about FFA.

Service Project Registration

Through the Meals of Hope Organization, the Alabama FFA will be packaging 35,000 meals for the Montgomery Area Food Bank. 200 FFA members, advisors, and guests will be working together to package these meals. Our day of service will begin at 8 am Wednesday, June 3rd in the Exhibit Hall of the Renaissance Hotel.

State Only CDE Registration

If your chapter is planning to compete in one of our state only CDE events, please complete the registration below by no later than May 8, 2020 by the close of business (4 pm). A failure to register promptly may result in your team not being allowed to participate. The following contests areas advance to the state level of competition:  MEATS, VET SCIENCE, PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE, AQUACULTURE.

Prospective Teacher Luncheon

A luncheon for juniors and/or graduating seniors this school year that have a desire to become an agriscience teacher or that you feel would make a good agriscience teacher will be held during the State FFA Convention on Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 11:30 a.m. at The Capital City Club.

See attached file


Constitutional Amendments proposed

Hotels & Lodging

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Contests & Awards

Career Development Events

Agriculture Construction

Ag Construction CDE

Ag Construction Test Bank A
Ag Construction Test Bank B

Ag Construction Mock Card

Ag Construction Scantron Card


Ag Mechanics

Ag Mechanics CDE
Ag Mechanics General Test Bank 1
Ag Mechanics General Test Bank 2

Ag Mechanics Mock Card

Ag Mechanics Scantron Card

Agriculture Education


Each year a new agricultural content area will be chosen from a rotating list and selected in this order: agriculture leadership(2024), agribusiness(2025), technical agriculture operations(2026), animal science (2020), natural resources(2021), plant science(2022), and biotechnology(2023).

Agriculture Education CDE

Ag Ed Scantron Card

Agriscience Fair

Agriscience Fair Booklet


Aquaculture CDE


Dairy CDE


Envirothon/Environmental and Natural Resources



Floriculture CDE
Floriculture Test Bank A
Floriculture Test Bank B
Floriculture Test Bank C

Floriculture Mock Card

Floriculture Scantron Card


Forestry CDE
Forestry CDE Card -How to Complete Correctly
Forestry Test Bank

Forestry Scantron Card


Horse CDE
Horse CDE Test Bank

Horse Eval Mock Card


Land CDE

Land Scantron Card


Livestock CDE
Livestock CDE Test Bank Answer Key
Livestock CDE Test Bank
Livestock Test Bank 1
Livestock Test Bank 2

Liestock Mock Card

Livestock Scantron Card


Meats Evaluation CDE
Meat Evaluation Test Bank

Meat Eval Scantron Card


Nursery-Landscape CDE

Nursery Landscape Practicum Questions (Sample)
Nursery-Landscape Test Bank A
Nursery-Landscape Test Bank B
Nursery-Landscape Test Bank C
Practice Nursery Landscape Plan (Sample)

Nursery Landscape Mock Card

Nursery Landscape Scantron Card


Poultry Evaluation CDE

Poultry CDE Scan Form 478-7
Poultry Scan Card 478-6

 Poultry Mock Card

Poultry Scantron Card

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl 
Quiz Bowl  Final Score Sheet Manual Entry
Quiz Bowl  Score Sheet Manual Entry

Quiz Bowl Test Bank Titles

Quiz Bowl Scantron Card

Safe Tractor Driving

Safe Tractor Driving CDE

Safe tractor Scantron Card


Scrapbook CDE

Small Engines

Small Engines CDE
Small Engines CDE Test Bank A
Small Engines CDE Test Bank B

Small Engines Mock Card

Small Engines Scantron Card

Vet Science

Vet Science CDE
Vet Science CDE Scantron
Vet Science Test
Vet Science Test Answer Key
Vet Science Test Bank A
Vet Science Test Bank B

Zero-Turn Compact Tractor Driving

Safe Zero Turn Compact Tractor CDE

Discussion Meet (North District Only)

North District Discussion Meet Book

Discussion Meet Questions

Welding CDE (North District only)

North District Welding CDE Booklet

Talent Development Events
Proficiency Applications

Proficiency Resources

For specific details regarding state proficiency awards and sponsors please refer to the Contest and Awards Booklet.

Agriscience Fair
District Elimination Location Maps

North District Eliminations – Wallace State Map

Central District Eliminations –Jefferson State Map    Jeff State Parking Map

South District Eliminations – EHS Campus Map

Recognition & Scholarships


This is a list of scholarship opportunities for students majoring in agriscience education.  Although we are trying to assist students in finding these opportunities, this is not intended to be a complete listing of those opportunities.  Please perform your own due diligence in researching other opportunities for scholarships.

National FFA Scholarships

Mindy Stringer Memorial Scholarship

HN Lewis Scholarship Application

Frances Mizell Scholarship Application

Achieve Alabama Website

Alabama Cattlemen’s Association Scholarships

Alabama Farmers Federation Scholarships

Auburn University College of Agriculture Scholarships

Auburn University College of Education Scholarships