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September 11, 2020
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September 11, 2020
Corley Williams
State Reporter
Arab FFA Chapter

Supervised Agricultural Experience:

Currently, my Supervised Agricultural Experience is in animal systems where I work with cattle in a variety of ways. At this time, I currently own thirty-seven head of cattle through an FSA loan that I received when I was ten years old. This loan first allowed me to purchase two heifers, one angus and one shorthorn. Along with these heifers, I was also gifted a handful of limousine and Simmental heifers to show by my family. I first began by artificially inseminating these heifers to various bulls to constantly expand my herd’s bloodline. As the years have progressed, their calves have been some of my best show projects and have been plentiful producers. Having chosen them, purchased them and/or raised them is a great source of pride for me because it drastically grew my show career. On the day to day, I complete many tasks. Some of these daily tasks include feeding my cattle, washing them, and keeping their environment safe and clean. These duties as mundane as they may seem have taught me to have more self-discipline and help me develop a strong work ethic that will help me reach my future goals. Overall, my SAE is both challenging and rewarding, however, I am extremely proud of all aspects.

CDE’s LDE’s or TDE’s Competed in:

I have competed in Veterinary Science, Livestock Evaluation, Discussion Meet, and Horse Evaluation.

Favorite Meal:

My favorite meal is grilled chicken with asparagus and ranch potatoes. Then to drink I love a big glass of sweet tea or yellow Gatorade.

Favorite Book:

My favorite book is The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor.

Favorite Movie:

My favorite movie is either The Help or Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Favorite Quote:

“Just Keep Swimming”-Dory

Favorite Song:

Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen

Favorite Thing About FFA:

FFA will always be a second family for me and I love that it gives that family to every member no matter what. Also, I love the ways that FFA educates everyone on the importance of agriculture in their lives.

Favorite FFA Memory:

My favorite memory was at state convention this past year. I competed in Veterinary Science and everyone was extremely nervous about how we would place. We were sitting at a restaurant eating and waiting on results and one of my ag teachers looked at her phone and screamed at the table. We all looked up and she told us that all of our hard work had paid off and not only did we win but our Horse Evaluation team had one as well! I remember that moment so vividly because of the pure joy and pride we all shared. It is truly something that I will never forget.

College Plans:

I plan to attend Auburn University to pursue a degree in Agricultural Communication. Following that I plan to attend Law School to become an Agricultural or Environmental lawyer.

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