Emily Grace Rezek

Kayden Ray
September 29, 2023
Elizabeth MacAloney
September 29, 2023

Supervised Agricultural Experience: 

My Supervised Agriculture Experience is showing cattle. My interest in this started when I was fifteen and I was able to show through a family friend’s barn. During the last three years of high school, I had 5 Limflex show animals; including four heifers and one steer. Showing livestock gave me an opportunity to be directly involved in the agriculture industry and learn in depth skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life


Career Development/Leadership/Talent Events:

Throughout my seven years as an FFA member I have competed in various CDE and LDE events. I started in middle school competing on the Forestry Evaluation and Land Evaluation contest. The next year, I got involved with the Floriculture and Aquaponics CDE. All of these contest where while I was a member in Florida. Once I moved to Alabama, I began competing in the Livestock Evaluation CDE in both middle school and high school and competed in the Creed Speaking LDE for two years.


Major FFA Accomplishments:

My major FFA Accomplishments include being selected as the State FFA Vice-President.


Favorite Movie:

My favorite movie is Encanto.


Favorite Meal: 

My favorite meal is dinosaur chicken nuggets and fries with a Dr. Pepper


Favorite Quote: 

My favorite quote is “Love them anyway.” Luke 23:34


Favorite Song: 

My favorite quote is “Love them anyway.” Luke 23:34


Favorite thing about FFA:

My favorite thing about FFA is all of the people that you encounter. Over my seven years as a member I have met some of the most incredible individuals that I consider to be some of my best friends.


Favorite FFA Memory:

My favorite FFA memory is attending National FFA Convention for the first time as a 11th grader. It was the largest leadership event that I have been able to attend and I enjoyed being around the other 70,000 FFA members in attendance.


College Plans:

I am currently a freshman at Auburn University majoring in Agricultural Communications with a minor in Rural and Community Development.