Brianna Payne’s Biography

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August 26, 2021
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August 25, 2022

Supervised Agricultural Experience:

My SAE is In the Agricultural education proficiency area. In the seventh grade I began job shadowing Agricultural educators in surrounding areas to learn about the career field. When I started my ninth grade year, I decided to take this SAE farther and create lesson plans with the help of my advisors. My tenth grade year I was asked to teach one of my lesson plans to a fifth grade class. I began teaching lessons quarterly to Lincoln Elementary classrooms until COVID-19 shut down the schools.  This event made me rethink my lessons and I decided to start filming the lessons for a Facebook page. My SAE is now known as “Rooted in Ag” and the mission is to spread agricultural awareness to younger students, even at home! This SAE is helping me prepare for my future career as an agricultural educator with a minor in Agricultural communications.


Career Development/Leadership/Talent Event(s):

I competed in the Creed Speaking CDE as a seventh grader and placed first at district and State then I scored in the bronze category at the National level. I spent my eighth grade year competing in the quiz bowl LDE. The past three years I have competed in the Agricultural education CDE and won two fourth place banners and one third place banner.


Major FFA Accomplishments:

My major FFA accomplishments include me winning 1st place at the state level in Creed Speaking as a seventh grader, serving as a Central District officer the last two years, and being elected as your 2021-2022 State Sentinel!


Favorite Book:

My favorite book is The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs. This book tells the backstory of the life of Alexander Hamilton. It gives details about his childhood and is eye opening as to what made Alexander Hamilton himself.


Favorite Movie:

My favorite movie is currently “In the Heights”. It’s written by Lin Manuel Miranda and tells the story of a small placed called Washington Heights in Nueva York. I love the music and the all the energy this movie portrays.


Favorite meal:

My favorite meal is Pollo Fundido at my favorite restaurant in my hometown. This meal is a bed of rice covered in grilled chicken and cheese dip served with beans and tortillas.


Favorite Quote:

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life” -anonymous


Favorite Song:

Currently, my favorite song is “Would you go with me” by Josh Turner. My team and I sang this song together and it gives me a great memory!


Favorite thing about FFA:

My favorite thing about FFA is that we are all connected by a blue corduroy jacket. This blue jacket allows us to form connections all over, but also, to find similarities and build relationships with so many different people.


Favorite FFA Memory:

My favorite FFA memory is when I was elected as a state officer. I remember holding hands with the other candidates and the Chicago Bulls theme song playing. Then our 2019-2020 state sentinel opens the letter and calls my name! The feeling of all my hard work paying off and being chosen to serve the organization that has given me so much over the past years was like no other.


College Plans:

My plans for college are to major in Agricultural education with a minor in Agricultural communications at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural college in Tifton Georgia. I’ve been accepted to this school, and I hope to begin in Fall of 2022!