Hayden Stell

John Braxton Rhodes’s Biography
August 25, 2022
Kellen Lincoln
August 25, 2022

Supervised Agricultural Experience:

I keep busy participating in two placement SAEs’ based around beef production and greenhouse management. For the last four years, I have worked with my family on our one hundred and fifty-head cattle farm. While working on the cattle farm, I have observed and participated in routine pregnancy checks, vaccinations, feed rationing based upon the cattle’s needs, tagging, castrating, and much more. Over the past four years, I have also managed a greenhouse at my school. While working in the greenhouse, I have observed and participated in planting, watering, harvesting, irrigation repairs, produce distribution, and much more. Both of these SAEs’ have pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop many skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.


Career Development/Leadership/Talent Event(s):

I have competed in the Conduct of Chapter Meeting competition for two years, placing top four at state competitions each year and Gold at nationals one of those years. I spent one year competing on the Environmental and Natural Resources team, placing first at state and getting a chance to compete at nationals, where my team and I placed in the Bronze division.


Major FFA Accomplishments:

My major FFA accomplishments include being a member of the 2020 National-Gold medal-winning Conduct team, being a member of the 2021 National-Bronze medal-winning Environmental and Natural Resources team, and being elected State Reporter.


Favorite Book:

My favorite book of all time is One Of Us Is Lying, written by Karen M. McManus. I decided to read this book for the first time during my eleventh grade year after my best friend begged me to read it so that she could watch my reaction to the shocking ending.


Favorite Movie:

My favorite movie is Soul Surfer. It is based upon a true story, where a young female surfer is bitten by a shark while surfing. Throughout the movie, the young girl must learn how to continue living her life with only one arm.


Favorite meal:

My favorite meal consists of homemade chicken and shrimp alfredo, garlic bread with sweet tea, and a large slice of my grandmother’s pecan pie.


Favorite Quote:

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now” -Earl Nightingale.


Favorite Song:

Although I often find myself constantly having a new “favorite” song, I have always loved to listen to all of Carrie Underwood’s albums!


Favorite thing about FFA:

My favorite thing about FFA is that when you join this wonderful association, you become part of a family. The FFA family is there for each and every one of its members, no matter who they are or where they are from.


Favorite FFA Memory:

During my ninth-grade AG class, my friends and I decided that we wanted to join the Conduct of Chapter Meeting competition, but none of us had a clue about how to run a meeting properly. Over the next few weeks, my team and I practiced and studied every day for three to four hours a day in anticipation of the big day. When the day came to compete, my team and I showed up and did our best, but we sure knew we had no chance of winning. However, when it came time for them to announce the winners, our chapter was called for first place. Those moments after discovering that all our hard work had paid off has proven to be one of my favorite FFA memories.


College Plans:

I am a full-time student at George W. Long High School. Once I graduate, I plan on attending the University of Troy in Troy, Alabama, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing.