Alabama Team AgEd

On March 16-17, 2006, the Alabama Farmers Federation hosted an Agriscience Education Summit with the cooperation of the Alabama Department of Education. The goal of the summit was to develop a strategic plan to change the direction of agriscience education and the FFA in Alabama.
Individuals from both business/industry and education along with FFA members were among the group that did the analysis of the program in Alabama. The meeting led to the creation of Team AgEd in Alabama. Team AgEd is designed with essentially five committees.
Four of the committees were designed to address the four most common areas identified as essential to program success: teacher recruitment/retention, FFA membership and participation, developing partnerships, and marketing.
The fifth and final committee designed by the group was the Team AgEd council. The Team AgEd council si the oversight committee for Team AgEd. All of the committees have representation on the council to report on the progress of committee work and to share ideas and goals from each of the four committees.

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