Alabama FFA Membership

2017-2018 Membership Information

Requirements to Maintain Good Standing with State Association:

Article III of the Alabama FFA State Constitution supports the following annual requirements for local FFA chapters to maintain good standing with the Alabama FFA Association.

Members must be submitted online by March 1.

Payment for members must be received in the Montgomery Office by March 1.

Chapter Fee must be received in the Montgomery Office by March 1.

Annual Chapter Report must be submitted online by March 1.

*After April 1 a FFA chapter status notification will be sent to teachers and copied to the CTE director regarding the status of each FFA Chapter. After May 1 an official FFA chapter status notification letter as well as the status report will be mailed to local superintendents and directors.*


Establishing a Login for

Local FFA Chapter Advisors in Alabama complete their chapter's membership roster utilizing the National FFA Organization's Web site ( Starting September 1, 2017, you can establish a login as a local FFA advisor by self-registering as a new advisor or requesting an account transfer to another chapter.  If you need assistance establishing your account or transferring your account to another chapter, you can also contact the Montgomery Office. 

New teachers will need to contact the Montgomery office to set up an account.

Montgomery Office: 334-242-9114 or


Annual FFA Chapter Report

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, Annual FFA Chapter Reports will be submitted through the login.  The Annual FFA Chapter Report must be submitted by March 1.  Because of the early deadline for the chapter report, some of the participation numbers will be from the previous school year.

Instructions for Submitting Annual FFA Chapter Report


Alabama FFA Chapter Fee

Per our state constitution, each chapter will be charged a $100 chapter fee each year in lieu of convention registration and to assist with the FFA Contests and Awards Program. 

Each standard membership chapter will be sent an invoice on October 13, 2017 for the 17-18 school year's chapter fee.  Please secure a purchase order prior to October 13.  This $100 check will be still made payable to and mailed to the Alabama FFA Association, as per the invoice.

Each affiliate membership chapter will pay their chapter fee as part of their affiliate membership payment, as it is included in the affiliate fee schedule amount.  Starting in 17-18, affiliate membership and standard membership checks will be made payable to and mailed to National FFA, as per the invoice.

(Please see below for explanations of standard membership and affiliate membership).


National FFA Processing Membership Starting 17-18

Starting with the 17-18 school year, National FFA will be processing FFA membership for Alabama FFA Chapters.  Once membership is submitted to the local and state level, National FFA will mail an invoice to the local FFA chapter for the amount due.  It may take up to three weeks after you submit your membership online before you will receive your invoice in the mail.  Membership checks will be made payable to and mailed to National FFA. 

The address on the invoice (for PO preparation) will be:

National FFA Organization
P O Box 631363
Cincinnati, OH 45263-1363

  Please make your local school bookkeeper aware of this change.

Also starting in 17-18 you can manage membership through, since every chapter has access. There is information on their website on how to do that.  The following link will take you directly to that information:


Which type of FFA Chapter do you operate?

Traditionally, membership fees for FFA has been collected from each member wishing to join the chapter and the advisor and officers created incentives for students to join (Standard Membership Option).  A newer philosophy is where money is raised in some fashion (donations, fundraising, etc.) to pay membership for every student that takes and agriscience class (Affiliate Membership Option). Membership is entered the in the same manner through

Affiliate Membership Option
The Chapter Affiliate Membership Option is where every agriscience student enrolled in the school is made a member of the local chapter. The affiliation fee schedule can be found below. The affiliation fee includes district, state and national dues for all agriscience students as well as the $100 chapter fee. To become an Affiliate FFA Chapter, please follow the link to the "Declaring FFA Affiliation Guide".  All affiliate chapter declarations must be made and approved by the Alabama FFA State Staff by October 1.

Affiliation Fee Schedule
Affiliate Questions and Answers
Additional FFA Affiliate Questions and Answers

Standard Membership Option
Dues: "M" student members = $7 National, $3 State, $2 District: [$12 Total] (plus any local dues that may be added)
Subscriptions: "K" members = $12: These are for Staff/Partners that you wish to receive magazines.

If additional assistance is needed to help you with the membership process, please contact:

Phone #- 1-888-332-2668 Option #3

User Login Issues-
Phone #- 1-888-332-2668 Option #5


Membership Documents

FFA Member Information Sheet - resource only

Video How-To Guides (External Link: you will need to log into your account with How-To Guides (External Link: you will need to log into your account with, scroll down and click on Membership Roster Instructions under Instructor & Alumni Leader


You will not be able to submit your chapter membership roster without first entering the required national and state data in your chapter's profile, your teacher's profile and your students' profile. For detailed information on how to complete these profiles, please click the appropriate link below.
Teacher Profile Guide
Chapter Profile Guide
Student/Member Profile Guide

NEW (2017-2018)

FFA Member Self Registration Guide


Chartering New Chapters

Chapters for the National FFA Organization shall be chartered only in such schools where recognized systematic instruction in agriscience education is offered under the provisions of federal career technical education legislation. Such chapters shall operate as an integral part of the instructional program of agriscience education.

New FFA Chapter Chartering Application for Public Schools

As of January 1, 2016, private schools in Alabama wishing have a FFA chapter and agreeing to follow the Private School Requirements for Starting and Maintaining a FFA Chapter Charter may submit the New Chapter Chartering Application for Private Schools.

Private School Requirements for Starting and Maintaining a FFA Chapter Charter

New FFA Chapter Chartering Application for Private Schools