Alabama FFA Membership

Local FFA Chapter Advisors in Alabama complete their chapter's membership report utilizing the National FFA Organization's Web site ( You can access the national Web site as a local FFA advisor by contacting the Montgomery Office and establishing your account as a chapter advisor or transfering your account to another chapter. The goal of the national Web site is to allow students to have control of their own information and membership. Please read the guide in the Membership Documents section below to acclimate yourself to this process. Once you submit your roster to the local and then state, you will complete an invoice (see below for invoice), please do not pay using the online invoice generated through the national Web site.

2017-2018 Membership Information



You will not be able to submit your chapter membership roster without first entering the required national and state data in your chapter's profile, your teacher's profile and your students' profile. For detailed information on how to complete these profiles, please click the appropriate link below.

Teacher Profile Guide

Chapter Profile Guide

Student/Member Profile Guide

Affiliate Membership Option

Chapters will have an option to affiliate every agriscience student for a chapter affiliation fee based on student enrollment. The affiliation fee schedule can be found by opening the membership invoice and selecting the "Affilliation Fee Schedule" tab at the bottom of the worksheet. Affiliation fee includes district, state and national dues for all agriscience students as well as the $100 chapter fee. To become an Affiliate FFAChapter please follow the link to the "Declaring FFA Affiliation Guide" All affilaite chapter declarations must be made and approved by the Alabama FFA State Staff by October 15.

Affiliate Questions and Answers

Additional FFA Affiliate Questions and Answers

Standard Membership Option

Dues: "M" student members = $7 National, $3 State, $2 District: [$12 Total] (plus any local dues that may be added)

Chapter Fee: Per our constitution, each chapter will be charged a $100 chapter fee each year in lieu of convention registration and to assist with the FFA Contests and Awards Program

Subscriptions: "K" members = $12: These are for Staff/Partners that you wish to receive magazines.

If additional assistance is needed to help you with the membership process, please contact Pam Kilpatrick at or 334-242-9114.

Membership Documents

FFA Membership Guide

FFA Chapter Invite Code Guide

FFA Member Information Sheet - resource only

Video How-To Guides (External Link: you will need to log into your account with


Membership Invoice and Instructions

After members have been entered online (ensuring that you have submitted your roster both at the local and state levels) you will need to complete a membership invoice for payment.

Step 1: Download Excel FFA Membership Invoice (Membership Invoice)

Step 2: Enter the date.

Step 3: Select your chapter number from the dropdown menu or type in chapter number beginning with AL. (School name and address automatically appear)

Step 4: Enter # of members

Step 5: Enter # of magazine subscriptions

Step 6: Enter a “1” for chapter fee if this is your first membership submission for the year. You will enter a "0" for subsequent submissions.

Step 7: Submit to bookkeeper for payment. Please remind your bookkeeper to send a copy of the invoice with the check, and to give you a copy of the check for your BIC records. (PLEASE ENSURE THEY MAKE PAYMENT TO THE ALABAMA FFA ASSOCIATION AND MAIL TO THE MONTGOMERY OFFICE).

Chartering New Chapters

Chapters for the National FFA Organization shall be chartered only in such schools where recognized systematic instruction in agriscience education is offered under the provisions of federal career technical education legislation. Such chapters shall operate as an integral part of the instructional program of agrisience eduction.

New FFA Chapter Chartering Application for Public Schools

As of January 1, 2016, private schools in Alabama wishing have a FFA chapter and agreeing to follow the Private School Requirements for Starting and Maintaining a FFA Chapter Charter may submit the New Chapter Chartering Application for Private Schools.

Private School Requirements for Starting and Maintaining a FFA Chapter Charter

New FFA Chapter Chartering Application for Private Schools