Alabama FFA Association History
Established 1929
36th Association Chartered
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Locations of Past State Conventions:  
1934-1946 Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn
1947 Phillips High School, Birmingham
1948-1968 Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn
(renamed Auburn University in 1960)
1969-1976 Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery
1977-2003 Montgomery Civic Center, Montgomery
2004-2009 Auburn University, Auburn
2010-present Montgomery Renaissance, Montgomery


Past National Officers from Alabama:
(Jerry Batts and Jennifer Edwards served as National FFA Secretary; the other officers were Southern Region Vice President.)
1. 1938-1939 Bradley Twitty, Cherokee
2. 1968-1969 Jerry Batts, Clements
3. 1971-1972 Sammy Peebles, W.S. Neal
4. 1975-1976 Elton Bouldin, Crossville
5. 1985-1986 Robert Weaver, Falkville
6. 1986-1987 Jayme Feary, Falkville
7. 1989-1990 Brad Lewis, Elkmont
8. 1991-1992 Shane Black, Clements
9. 1995-1996 Clara-Leigh Horn, Ashville
10. 1996-1997 Charlie Jones, Billingsley
11. 1997-1998 Amber Miller, Louisville
12. 2000-2001 Jennifer Edwards, Gaston
13. 2006-2007 Jennifer Himburg, Ariton
14. 2012-2013 Wiley Bailey, Sand Rock
15. 2013-2014 Jackson Harris, Eufaula


History of FFA Districts in Alabama:

FFA districts in Alabama date back to 1934, when several chapters organized themselves into three districts, simply called districts 1, 2, and 3. Although membership in districts was voluntary, most chapters chose to affiliate themselves with a district to take advantage of the member opportunities available at that level. By 1936, Alabama had twenty-two districts that included 114 of the state’s 138 FFA chapters. Most of these districts were named for a nearby city, although a few were named for a county or geographic location. Some of these districts were Andalusia, DeKalb County, Gadsden, East Alabama, Montgomery, and Muscle Shoals.

The number and size of districts has varied a great deal over the years, as districts often were reorganized every few years based upon membership trends and the number of state staff members. In the 1950s and early 1960s, Alabama was divided into the Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southeast, and Southwest districts. In the mid 1960s, the state was reorganized into the North, North Central, South, and South Central districts. Several years later, Alabama had six districts: North, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, East Central, and West Central. The Southwest Central and Southeast Central districts were organized in the mid 1970s, bringing the total number of districts to eight. In 1991, Alabama was reorganized into four districts, North, Central, Southeast, and Southwest. The Southeast and Southwest districts were consolidated into the South district in 2000. Today, the district organization continues to be a vital component of the Alabama FFA, as it provides opportunities for leadership and friendly competition among chapters.

Past State FFA Advisors:
1930-1946 R.E. Cammack
1946-1957 J.C. Cannon
1957-1970 T.L. Faulkner
1970-1972 B.P. Dilworth
1972-1975 H.W. Green
1975-1982 J.C. Hollis
1982-2000 C.W. Reed
2000-2008 Troy D. Newton
2008-2010 Mickey Humphries
2010-2012 Collie Wells
2012-Present Jacob Davis


Past Assistant State FFA Advisors:
1934-1936 P.C. Brook
1936-1938 H.F. Gibson
1938-1943 A.L. Morrison
1943-1944 C.L. Scarbrough
1944-1946 L.L. Sellers

Past FFA Executive Secretaries:
1946-1949 C.L. Scarbrough
1949-1957 T.L. Faulkner
1957-1959 J.L. Dailey and E.L. McGraw
1959-1960 J.L. Dailey and Byron F. Rawls
1960-1964 Byron F. Rawls
1964-1967 H.N. Lewis
1967-1982 C.W. Reed
1982-2000 Troy D. Newton
2000-2004 Ben Scheierman
2004-2011 Jacob Davis
2011-2017 Philip Paramore

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